HOpe FiEnD

lyric sheet


When there’s blood, then there’s pain
You don’t just bleed from the skin
Mind is body, blood is soul
Can't live this life with no control

CHORUS: I’m bleeding, I’m dying, I’m bleeding (You're dying) (4x)

Don’t depend on nothing here
But ignorance, anger, hate and fear              
Some might say love can save the day
But despair seems to win anyway                 

(repeat CHORUS)

When there’s blood, then there’s pain

Now it’s time to close the door
Can’t take this place anymore
I need some peace from all the stress and strain
That’s found a home in my brain


Please get out my head so I can close my eyes
Can’t sleep for all these lies, no matter how I try                 
I hate this secret world made up of lies and shame
I hate the feeling that somehow I am to blame

Man, you’re sick and twisted
What the heck you get out of messing with a little boy       
Your secrets kept within the tears I’ve wept 
I can’t believe this is your secret joy

CHORUS: Wait a minute hold on (2x), I want to leave 

The day you came around was the day of childhood end
The day I learned to lie, and still I must pretend
That you are still a friend instead of my worst foe
When will this pain end, I wish that I could know

I hear your laughter echoing inside my head
I don’t know how much more that I can take
I wish that somehow they would find you dead

(repeat CHORUS)

These demons are laughing at me
Skin like ice and eyes so blue 
They come to me in dreams
And I don’t know what to do 

Wait a minute hold on (8x)


Something you can move to
Something you can groove to 
Aw, baby come inside
Cause we’s about to ride

Girl, you make me happy    
Never felt so free
Can’t believe that you and me
Is one plus one and that makes we

Sometimes I get afraid
Of this thing that we’ve made
Is it built to last
Or have we gone in too fast

(Do you wanna ride)               
Come on baby come and play with me, come on
(Do you wanna ride)  
It’s the ever-lovin’ Are Oh Dee (ROD)
(Do you wanna ride) 
Come on baby, come and hang with me, come on, come on
(Do you wanna ride) 
It’s the ever-lovin’ Are Oh Dee--yeah
Do you wanna ride

Ride into the midnight
Experiencing delight
You compare to nothing
Girl you are my everything

You say that it’s the same for you
Oh, I feel your words, I know they’re true
We can’t be denied
‘Cause we’s about to ride

Do you wanna ride


Wake up—the sleep is deep, the sleep is deep
If ignorance is what you sow, then you deserve what you reap
No time to relax from the constant stream of jive
Despite what you think – there’s no better time to be alive

I ain’t the one to sit around like a dog waiting for someone to give a bone
I’d rather grind for a dime all the time knowing that I’m making it on my own
Not easily triggered—not part of my game
If you exist, but you don’t live, then we are not the same

CHORUS: This one’s for the ones that was left behind
                  This world can be so unkind
                  This one's for the one who fan the flames
                  Revolution now, no more games

Get up in the morning; try to face the day
But I know in my heart that there’s a better way
Sometimes I feel emptiness—and joy and pain
Sometimes it’s all at once, it’s messed up my brain

I know it’s living in a world outside my head
These corporations want you less alive, more dead
Don’t wanna be a machine that’s just here to eat and breathe
So I fight and grind for my future—in myself I trust and believe


When I come home from work, just want to sit and chill
But you're already gone, so I have time to chill
But when you come back home, I know you’ve had some drinks
Your attitude is foul, and man, your breath it stinks

Don’t want to fuss and fight, just want to have some peace
But you are in a rage, and you need a release
So I just close my eyes, ‘cause I already know
That my evening is screwed, and how it’s gonna go

CHORUS:  We got to talk about something
                    But you don't wanna hear about nothing
                    But we got to talk about something
                    We got to talk, but it ain't no fun
                    When the words from your mouth like bullets from a gun
                    But we got to talk about something
                    We got to talk about it! (2x)

When you sober up, you apologize
I just nod my head, because I know its lies
The fun will start again, as the sun sets
Will you come in dry?  I wouldn't take no bets

Now you can love someone, but you can change no one
You can only pray that they want to shake the pain
All I can do is hope, tonight there is no dope
Nothing for you to drink, I need you clear to think

(repeat CHORUS, solo, repeat CHORUS)